Cubbies Clubhouse: The Introduction

The Chicago Cubs are no stranger to the Major League Baseball spotlight, but not always for topics a team may want. With the last World Series title won in 1908, the last World Series appearance in 1945, the last playoff appearance in 2008, and even the removal of Wrigley’s favorite Old Style beer, Cubs fans have seen better days. OK, maybe not by many that are actually living… Still, we choose to bleed Cubbie blue, through and through.

So I welcome you to the Cubbies Clubhouse blog. Where you will find all news, good and not so good, about one of the oldest teams in the National League.

Created by a fan for my Sports Blogging class at DePaul University, I promise to bring you the latest on Emilio Bonifacio’s batting average, Starlin Castro’s defense, Javier Baez’s probability, and much, much more. Through a multimedia approach to journalism, I want to provide all followers with the newest updates and discussions revolving around the Chicago Cubs.

A little background on myself. I grew up in a small town in Illinois surrounded by corn and bean fields. And yes, there was absolutely nothing to do. Which is where my love for sports blossomed (You see what I did there? Punny). Before entering graduate school at DePaul for journalism, I taught high school history in a different small town surrounded by corn and bean fields. I found myself feeling disconnected to the life I was living, so I made a last minute decision to pack my belongings, move to the Windy City, and begin a life I had dreamed of for years. Growing up a Chicago fan, Cubs not Sox, made my quest for schools faster than Usain Bolt. And now as I sit here with two quarters of graduate school, plus almost a year of being urbanized under my belt, I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to blog about one of my favorite sports teams. And give my readers first hand updates from the wonderful neighborhood of Wrigleyville itself.

Even though I am a fan, I aim to give real news. Not just what networks want journalists to spit back after each press release. I’m even up for a good “What’s the difference between the Cubs and dirt? Nothing, they both get swept,” joke every now and again. And even though it may cause me physical pain, my bias against the Cardinals and Sox won’t affect my reporting. Just don’t expect me to be happy about it.

I am excited to begin, and even still a little awestruck that my life has lead me to this point in my career. I enjoy interaction, so I encourage discussion from all baseball junkies, Cubs and non-Cubs fans alike. It is America’s favorite pasttime after all…

So as our dear friend Harry Caray would say, “It’s a bee-yooo-tiful day for baseball!”


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