Cubs Bring Offense South and Fans Are Still Embarrassing

photo 1

(Photo/Jaclyn Driscoll)

While there is no longer a chance for the Cup to return North, the Cubs may prevent a White Sox sweep.

Offense has proven to be essential this far into the final game of the Crosstown Classic, as the Cubs lead the Sox 6-4 in the top of the fifth.

Defense is lagging with Jake Arrieta allowing nine hits. However the 11 hits by the Cubs are the highlight of the game. This is just one away from the TOTAL number of hits the Cubs have earned in the first three games of the four-game series COMBINED.

Those in Cubs gear received mild torment from fans in black and white. And one man carrying a broom was having a little too much fun. Of course, Cubs fans couldn’t remain quiet for the sake of pride, but suffered from no solid comebacks (outside of bringing up years past, which we all know is never a good outcome for a team that holds the year 1908 so dear). That was until a two-run homer by Anthony Rizzo in the top of the third and a repeat by Starlin Castro in the top of the fourth managed to keep Sox fans fairly quiet.

Outside from the intoxicated, of course.

And what would a Cubs game be without a little liquored up “you suck, you suck” chants from the North siders. Yes folks, no matter what version of the Sox or Cubs team decides to show up, you can always rely on Chicago baseball fans to bring the entertainment.

Check back for a full game recap soon.


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