7th Round Draft Pick Quickly becomes No. 1 in News

In a country where 17 states have legalized same sex marriage, a man kissing another man is an image that people are growing more comfortable with. That is, until you enter the world of sports.

Michael Sam, made history this Saturday when he became the first openly gay NFL draft pick by the St. Louis Rams. Just like many other players broadcasted during the draft, Sam celebrated with tears of joy, cheers from family members, and a kiss from his significant other. But what was wrong with this public display of affection? Absolutely nothing. In fact, it was the public display of intolerance that was the true problem.

Fans, athletes, and everyone in between took to Twitter calling Sam “disgusting,” “wrong,” and an “abomination.”


Even Dolphins cornerback Don Jones tweeted out “omg” directly after the kiss was aired and then he replied “horrible” to one of his followers that asked if he was referring to the kiss. His tweets have since been taken down, he has apologized, and has also been fined and excused from team activities until he undergoes sensitivity training.

Some fans didn’t quite understand the outrage and fought back by comparing it to the many images of other NFL draft picks kissing their wives or girlfriends.

or openly asked

But were quickly shot down. And with strong arguments, of course.


Although the negative is easy to see, Twitter also had an outpouring of support for the undersized defensive end.


With all this drama surrounding the kiss, it’s easy to lose sight of the true story for Sam. With his dreams in sight and the opinions of narrow minds in his rearview mirror, Sam only had one thing to say:


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