Cubs Fail Even at Celebrating



As part of the 100th Anniversary of Wrigley Field celebrations, the Cubs painted a variety of murals on the outer wall of the stadium along Waveland Avenue. One of the murals earning most of the attention depicts Charles Lindbergh at a Cubs game in 1927. Sure, Lindbergh is a captivating man. Everything he did for air travel is worthy of news. However, what is most newsworthy about this image is that the picture isn’t taken at Wrigley field. It was taken at Comiskey Park during a White Sox game. Oops. 

Floyd Sullivan, baseball historian, spotted the image and contacted the Cubs the next morning. The response he received on April 28 was, “We’ll forward your email to the correct people.”

Nothing happened. Sullivan then utilized his blog to see if he could generate a little more reaction from fans. He posted all of the murals on his blog and asked fans to find the error. The Comiskey Park error was found, alongside several other photo tagging mistakes as well.


Three weeks later, Allison Miller, senior director of marketing for the Cubs, finally responded to Sullivan. She said that after further investigation, per Sullivan’s email, they have found the Comiskey Park error to be correct. She explained that archives had tagged the photo incorrectly and the Cubs will have the mural updated in the next coming weeks.

With as big of a deal this “Party of the Century” has been, checking the validity of large murals being displayed at the historic park should have been at the top of the checklist. Even still, after Sullivan’s emails to the Cubs, a timely response and correction was also quite necessary. But leave it to the Cubs… can’t even have a proper celebration that is error-free.



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4 responses to “Cubs Fail Even at Celebrating”

  1. christiandjones1988 says :

    Should the Cubs trade Jeff Samardzija or try to build a rotation with him as the star?

  2. millerfortres says :

    What is your idea of a proper 100th anniversary celebration?

  3. LaVar Merrell says :

    I love the FacePalm photo. It’s very funny…..It seems as the Cubs organization does check its photos right away. It seems like they would have fact checker. Did you happen to find other photos that need corrections?

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