A Series of Blowouts is Good and Bad for Cubs


A three-game weekend series spent at Miller Park resulted in back-to-back… to back blowouts. Of course the Cubs lost the series against their No. 1 ranked NL Central rival, but Milwaukee took a beating of their own in Game 2. 

Friday, May 30: Cubs 5, Brewers 11

The Cubs did manage to end their 20 inning scoreless streak, but offense didn’t decide to show up until it was much too late. Still, after the way their offense has been playing this far into the season, 10 hits resulting in five runs deserves some form of recognition.

Travis Wood struggled severely on the mound, lasting only 2 2/3 innings, and giving up five runs in the first frame. After only three pitches, Wood was already down two runs and needed 36 pitches to make in through a very ugly first inning.


Along with their victory, the Brewers also collected a season-high of 16 hits off of Chicago pitchers.

Saturday, May 31: Cubs 8, Brewers 0

This team simply looked nothing like the Cubs, and Chicago fans rejoiced everywhere. All the parts seemed to be working as Anthony Rizzo led the offense with a pair of two-run homers and Jason Hammel held the Brewers to just four hits in seven innings, and struck out a season-high of eight.


But the Cubs still rounded out the month of May at 11-16, and secured the title of worst in MLB.

Sunday, June 1: Cubs 0, Brewers 9

Chicago’s ace, Jeff Samardzija, went from the best ERA in baseball to bringing manager Rick Renteria to tears in a single inning. He just may be a Cub after all.


Lasting only three innings, Samardzija gave up eight hits, eight runs, and walked two. Junior Lake broke up the no-hitter, but the Cubs’ offense struggled again as Kyle Lohse allowed just three hits.

The bad (and obvious) news:

The Chicago Cubs are terrible (Tom Morello says so). Winning a series on the road may be more difficult than nailing Jell-O to a tree. Chicago’s offense is nonexistant (usually). And pitching, the singular strength the club could rely on, was flipped on hits head by Wood and Samardzija in a combined 5 2/3 innings.

The good news:

In a few short hours, nine wonderful innings of ball, the Cubs displayed that somewhere buried deep down in the depths of last place, there is a competitive team with potential. Shutting out the No. 1 ranked team of the NL Central in the comfort of their own ballpark, was nothing short of amazing for an 11-16 team. Hammel delivered on the mound, and actually received some help by an unfamiliar, yet competitive offense. And after bringing their road series record to 0-14, the Cubs finally return home to Wrigley Field for two 3-game series.



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