Poll: Cubs Pitching Prospects


Brady Aiken: Six-foot-four, 205 pounds

Aiken is a left-handed pitcher from Cathedral Catholic High School in California. His fastball ranges from low to mid-90s with a smooth delivery and he has a deceptive changeup. In 11 games started, he had a 1.06 ERA with 111 strikeouts, allowed a single home run, and walked 15.

Risk: He is a prep pitcher. He would require more time in the minor leagues, which leaves more opportunity for injury.

Tyler Kolek: Six-foot-five, 230 pounds

Kolek is a right-handed pitcher from Shepherd High School in Texas. His fastball consistently reaches the upper-90s and has a powerful curve. In 10 games started, he had a 0.35 ERA with 126 strikeouts, and did not allow a single home run. Baseball America said, “According to scouts we talked to, he is the hardest-throwing high schooler of the draft era.”

Risk: Same as Aiken. Prep pitchers are risky.

Aaron Nola: Six-foot-one, 183 pounds

Nola is a right-handed pitcher from Louisiana State University. He throws up to the mid-90s and would not need to spend much time in the minor leagues. He has a 1.47 ERA with an 11-1 record, and threw 134 strikeouts in 116 2/3 innings. Bleacher Report said, “Nola has what it takes to have an impact on a major league pitching staff.”

Risk: He has a low, awkward arm angle comparable to Jake Peavy. This angle causes concern for potential injuries down the road.

If there’s a better option, feel free write in your prospect of choice. Be sure to comment below to explain why they would be a better choice.


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