2014 Draft Necessities for Chicago Cubs

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With the 2014 MLB draft taking place Thursday evening, I’m very interested to see what the Cubs decide to do with their first round pick. Theo Epstein stands firm in the decision to draft the best player available, regardless of position, but that doesn’t seem like the best move. Don’t get me wrong, Epstein is great. He has some top-notch credentials from his time with the Red Sox, but I just don’t agree with this decision. Looking to the future roster, there are two important holes that the Cubs will need to fill to have a winning team. Read More…


Poll: Cubs Pitching Prospects


Brady Aiken: Six-foot-four, 205 pounds

Aiken is a left-handed pitcher from Cathedral Catholic High School in California. His fastball ranges from low to mid-90s with a smooth delivery and he has a deceptive changeup. In 11 games started, he had a 1.06 ERA with 111 strikeouts, allowed a single home run, and walked 15.

Risk: He is a prep pitcher. He would require more time in the minor leagues, which leaves more opportunity for injury. Read More…

Poll: Cubs Catcher Prospects


Max Pentecost: Six-foot-two, 191 pounds

Pentecost was a catcher for Kennesaw State University. He is the best true catcher in the 2014 draft. On top of him being an excellent position player, he excels as a hitter. He makes the most of every pitch and has a nice swing. Over 60 games, Pentecost stole 16 bases and hit nine home runs with a .424 batting average. Northeast Baseball Prospects said, “At the plate is where Pentecost shines. He is a professional hitter.”

Risk: He does not have a lot of over-the-fence power. Read More…

Cubs’ Late Offense beats Mets

The Chicago Cubs beat the New York Mets 2-1 in Game 1 of a three-game series at Wrigley Field.

In the first inning, all signs pointed to another loss for the Cubs. The Mets got an early 1-0 lead after Matt den Dekker scored off of Curtis Granderson‘s sacrifice fly. Their defense followed that up by shutting down the Cubs 1-2-3 to end the frame. Read More…

Top 3 Biggest First Round ‘Busts’ for the Cubs

Draft busts


Taking a long, hard look at past No. 1 draft picks by the Cubs to compile this list was particularly challenging. And no, it’s not because Chicago has this pristine ability to pick great players. Until Theo Epstein and his crew came along, it was almost the exact opposite. The Cubs have also suffered some really bad luck, primarily with injuries. I think this is where I blame ‘the goat’? Too many of their top draft choices didn’t even make it out of the minor leagues, or simply did not live up to expectations for some reason or another. I certainly cannot discount them all, because the Cubs have picked up some really great talent. However, the list of ‘busts’ since the first draft in 1965, is incredibly extensive. Read More…

Cubs Host Mets: Game 1 Starting Lineup

Mets - mlbreports.com


M. den Dekker, CF
D. Murphy, 2B
D. Wright, 3B
C. Granderson, RF
C. Young, LF
L. Duda, 1B
W. Flores, SS
T. d’Arnaud, C
Z. Wheeler, P

Lineup from ESPN

Cubs - mlbreports.com


E. Bonifacio, 2B
J. Lake, CF
A. Rizzo, 1B
S. Castro, SS
L. Valbuena, 3B
N. Schierholtz, RF
C. Coghlan, LF
J. Baker, C
J. Arrieta, P

Lineup from ESPN

Game 1 begins at 7:05 PM (CT) at Wrigley Field.

Afternoon Relievers

With June upon us, the Majors and Minors are in full swing. The 2014 draft is quickly approaching and the Cubs finally return to Wrigley Field after ten games on the road.

Cubs/Mets series kicks off tonight, June 3, at Wrigley Field.

Continuing the “Party of the Century,” the club will celebrate the 1940s with the oldest living Cub!

Despite a last place standing, the future is looking brighter! Fans will want to keep track of the Core Four.

Cubs have one of the best farm systems in the league, and Kris Bryant proves why.

Rick Renteria will have a lot to work with as Cubs’ prospects continue to develop. See what he has planned for Bryant.

The draft is coming! Pitching is key in my opinion, but what move will the Cubs choose? Here is a pretty interesting list of possibilities.

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