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Sadly, Still a Cubs Fan

Sad Cubs

Chicago Cubs fans are constantly ridiculed. From their terrible luck in the draft all the way to their old, outdated ballpark, the jokes are endless. Believe me, as a Cubs fan who grew up in a Cardinals’ household, it was brutal. Even when the Cubs have a winning season, there is still one haunting detail that remains. A series of four numbers that allows every other team in baseball to mock us. The year 1908. The last time the Cubs have won a World Series. In my opinion, it’s just 106 years. Yes, that is certainly a long time, but the Cubs have done A FEW good things since then. So, as a fan, it doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal… until I started to put together a timeline of all the things that have happened in the world since the Cubs won their last World Series. A lot can happen in a century, but talk about putting it into perspective. Below I have included 10 facts that I feel help the Cubs fans in denial (of which I used to be) realize, we most certainly should be the center of every joke in MLB. Read More…

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