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Mailbag Monday

Montezz from Detroit: How long will it take for the Cubs to win their next World Series?

Driscoll: Ha. Ha. Well, as I mentioned in a recent podcast with Blackhawks blogger, Courtney Terlecki, I’m predicting 2017. The one thing the Cubs are doing right is our farm system. On top of young talent already contributing, like Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro, the Cubs get to look forward to excellent players like Javier Baez, Albert Almora, and Kris Bryant. These players excel at the plate, and I see them developing even further once they begin work under Rick Renteria. Still, this depends on a pitcher. The Cubs grabbed another position player, Kyle Schwarber, with their fourth overall pick. He is also excellent with his bat, but the team needs to start focusing on trading Jeff Samardzija and getting a top arm in the process.

Courtney from Chicago: What would be your ideal Wrigley Field after the renovations?

Driscoll: Interesting question and one that I haven’t thought about, honestly. I am definitely ready to see the rooftops go. I don’t think they add any substance to the field, and don’t provide fans with the true Wrigley experience. I’m overjoyed with the thought of a digital scoreboard and the option of instant replay that it will bring. I also really like the signage going up in left and right field because of the revenue that it will produce. However, I really love Wrigley Field the way it is. Sure, I’m ecstatic for the renovations that I mentioned, but I do not want to see too many changes. Wrigley Field is 100 years old and I love the history that comes with it. I don’t want to lose that in the process of the renovations. I still want to feel like I’m sitting in my favorite ballpark once it’s all said and done.

Kaitlyn from Arlington Heights: After a five game win streak, what caused the Cubs to lose their final game at home?

Driscoll: Is fate an option? I mean really, who expected the Cubs to win six games in a row? But in all seriousness, I was not impressed by Miami in the first two games. I don’t think they were playing to their full potential and the Cubs were doing a lot of things right in Game 1 and Game 2. Also, I think the weather could have been a factor. It was cold and windy (typical Chicago), but the Marlins were playing in the same conditions so I can’t really play that card. In my opinion, the only real issue that the Cubs had was the lack of bullpen. Neil Ramirez and Hector Rondon were both unavailable. This allowed the Marlins to get runs late in the game. If the Cubs had one of their best closers available, the game very well could have fallen in their favor.

Thanks for the questions! Feel free to send me more here or @CubbieClubhouse on Twitter.


Afternoon Relievers

After another road series loss, there hasn’t been much positive chatter surrounding the Cubs. Despite a .500 predicted finish for this season, the Cubs are sitting at a .370 winning percentage and over 12 games back. It looks like loyal Chicago fans will be waiting yet another year for an average season, but MLB’s last place team still finds a way to keep it interesting.

The name topping charts today for Cubs and MLB fans is Jeff Samardzija. In just three innings, he went from the lowest ERA in baseball to 14th. 

Jason Hammel joins Samardzija in names discussed, especially as the 2014 draft and trade season quickly approaches.

Also, Cubs have declared they will be scouting arms to bulk up their farm system.

Anthony Rizzo kept it interesting on Sunday after scoring his first game ejection. Rick Renteria, who has had his own fair share of ejections, must be so proud.

And the Rooftops vs. Renovations battle is heating up. Have Cubs’ executives found the two sentences to make their case?


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