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Afternoon Relievers

After the embarassing loss in the 9th to the Diamondbacks yesterday, one thing is certain, no matter what you dress them up as on the outside… the Cubs are still the Cubs.

First (the cool part of the day), check out pictures of the throwback jerseys and the entire celebration of Wrigley Field turning 100. Even the Diamondbacks got to play dress up.

Now, take a look at ESPN’s play by play to see where the Cubbies fell short. Hint: top of the 9th.

Here’s a quick video recap of the game. C’mon S. Castro!

Of course Arizona was happy about the win. Let’s hope we disappoint them later today.

“That was a weird inning,” said Renteria of the 9th. I can think of a few more adjectives rather than “weird” but let’s stay positive, shall we?

Silver lining! We do still have a chance to win the series!

Also just because it is awesome, The Huffington Post completed an article with pictures of Wrigley Field through the decades. The history is great.


Afternoon Relievers

Even though we blame the first on the goat, the Cubs celebrate another centennial milestone. Today, the second oldest ballpark in the Majors turns 100 years old! Happy Birthday Wrigley! (Sigh… Yes, our ballpark is more recent than our last World Series title).

Go back in time with the MLB article about the Cub-Feds first game at Wrigley 100 years ago today.

Planning on attending this monumental event? Find out what you can receive in this press release of festivities!

Of course this celebration needs a logo! MLB presents the finalists and entire gallery here. Check back later to find out the winner.

A fantastic tribute video to the Cubs. Of course with the best soundtrack of Wrigley.

Pat Hughes takes fans on a historical video journey of Wrigley. We love you, Hughes.

Remember Skip Parker? Here’s his hilarious “frank” video about Wrigley Field’s name change. Enjoy.  

Despite our terrible record, at least Wrigley still brings “hot guys that are up for anything.” Always a reason to celebrate.   

And here’s one for you, Cubbie fans! We certainly are the best fans in baseball. There’s always next year, right?

Afternoon Relievers

A W for the Cubs is always hot news, even against a team as terrible as the Diamondbacks. However, all Chicago fans can talk about is the single-handed victory by Travis Wood. 

View a quick statistical recap of Cubs win over Diamondbacks.

Hear Wood’s take on the W through an ESPN video. Jesse Rodgers weighs in.

“He was a one man wrecking crew,” said Renteria.

Is Wood Cubs’ best player? David Schoenfield thinks so.  

View a list of Wood’s complete stats with the Cubs to decide for yourself.

Read Arizona’s take on their ninth straight loss in ten games.

Witness the victory through photos from the game.

And I’ll just leave this overly dramatic video compiliation of Wood with the Reds for added enjoyment here.  


Rooftops vs. Renovations


Since the 1980’s landlords of former residential buildings positioned across the street from Wrigley Field created a business off of Cubs fans. But this industry now faces an uncertain future if Tom Ricketts gets his way.

A proposed $500-million renovation of the 100-year-old ballpark was approved by the Chicago City Council and is set to begin. However, a binding contract with rooftop owners, giving the team 17 percent of gross revenue, is in effect until 2024. And now with rooftop owners potentially threatening a lawsuit because the proposed signage would obstruct views, the process has come to a halt. Although legal action would only delay the process rather than stop it, said President of Business Operations Crane Kenney, the Cubs still want to maintain a good relationship with their neighbors. Read More…

Robinson Celebration Significant for the Cubs

Texas Rangers v Chicago Cubs

Despite rain delaying festivities, Cubs are celebrating ‘Jackie Robinson Day’ as part of a day-night doubleheader this evening.

“It’s an awesome day to be at Yankee Stadium,” Cubs bullpen coach Lester Strode told MLB.com.”

Read More…

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