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Weekend Mailbag

Nick from Kewanee asked: Do you think that Starlin Castro is the long term answer at shortstop or do you think he eventually moves to a different position? 

Driscoll: This is an excellent question, and one that I think we just won’t know the real answer to until Javier Baez and Arismendy Alcantara move to the Cubs’ roster. Castro certainly does not have the best history with the position. At the conclusion of the 2013 season, Castro had the worst fielding percentage of any starting National League shortstop and was second to worst in all of baseball. Clearly, the Cubs should be open to making some changes if they are presented with a better option. However, Baez hasn’t been much better. His defensive statistics are plagued with errors and Alcantara’s numbers are even worse. On a positive note, Castro has been improving and he is still very young. He has a strong arm and time to develop defensively. Also, his Major League experience makes him a better option compared to Baez or Alcantara. Still, the Cubs were able to forgive Castro’s mistakes on the field by his performance at the plate. He had a slump year in 2013, and this year I just don’t see the consistency I need from a standout player for the Cubs. The real question, for me, is whether Castro fits into a long-term lineup at all. If his bat doesn’t improve in consistency, Castro may have bigger things to worry about than keeping the starting shortstop position. 

Kaitlyn from Palos Heights asked: What are the best rooftop venues around the stadium? 

Driscoll: Kaitlyn, I will keep this as short and to the point as possible. None. The best venue at Wrigley Field, is Wrigley Field. The rooftops just don’t give you the baseball experience. I had my first experience with the rooftops this year, and wrote a blog post about it. Make sure you check it out for more specifics. 

Vincent from Monmouth asked: Will this be one of the last amateur drafts we see before they go to a true international draft? 

Driscoll: Definitely not. Discussions about switching to an international draft have been taking place for nearly a decade. I think the time is coming, but there are many things to sort out before MLB can switch over. They will need to discuss what countries would even be included, how many rounds they will have, a proper investigative method for players entering the draft, and how a team would be compensated if they chose not to sign one of their draft picks. Honestly, these questions really only graze the surface. I do think an international draft is coming sooner rather than later, but I don’t see it happening for a few years. There are just too many questions that need addressed before MLB makes the switch. 

Thanks for the questions! Feel free to send me more here or @CubbieClubhouse on Twitter.


Afternoon Relievers

After the embarassing loss in the 9th to the Diamondbacks yesterday, one thing is certain, no matter what you dress them up as on the outside… the Cubs are still the Cubs.

First (the cool part of the day), check out pictures of the throwback jerseys and the entire celebration of Wrigley Field turning 100. Even the Diamondbacks got to play dress up.

Now, take a look at ESPN’s play by play to see where the Cubbies fell short. Hint: top of the 9th.

Here’s a quick video recap of the game. C’mon S. Castro!

Of course Arizona was happy about the win. Let’s hope we disappoint them later today.

“That was a weird inning,” said Renteria of the 9th. I can think of a few more adjectives rather than “weird” but let’s stay positive, shall we?

Silver lining! We do still have a chance to win the series!

Also just because it is awesome, The Huffington Post completed an article with pictures of Wrigley Field through the decades. The history is great.

Robinson Celebration Significant for the Cubs

Texas Rangers v Chicago Cubs

Despite rain delaying festivities, Cubs are celebrating ‘Jackie Robinson Day’ as part of a day-night doubleheader this evening.

“It’s an awesome day to be at Yankee Stadium,” Cubs bullpen coach Lester Strode told MLB.com.”

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